AppMakr Native iOS Client Open Sourced



App Makr was one of the first DIY no-code app creation platforms. Launched in late 2009, App Makr was quickly adopted by users and companies alike to launch their native mobile application endeavors in the wave of “there’s an app for that” hype. Companies such as Tech Crunch and She Writes– even the White House built mobile versions of their websites by aggregating their RSS feeds. App Makr became well-known as a web tool for no-code smartphone app development… eventually leading Apple to introduce some rules regarding functionality, specifically: is a platform that allows users to create mobile apps without having to write code. It was launched in 2010 and quickly gained popularity as one of the early app builders available on the App Store.

Overall, has been a popular choice for small businesses, individuals, and organizations looking to create their own mobile apps without the need for technical skills.

4.2.2 Other than catalogs, apps shouldn’t primarily be marketing materials, advertisements, web clippings, content aggregators, or a collection of links.

App Makr launched a platform for social in-app engagement centered around an SDK called Get Socialize. As this SDK became the priority App Makr sold the core app development platform to Infinite Monkeys in 2013.


As the transition took place, App Makr open-sourced their existing code-base to allow users to download their existing source and publish directly to the App Store.

One of the most high-profile apps created using was the official White House app, which was released in 2011 under the Obama administration. The app allowed users to access the latest news and information from the White House and view photos and videos.

Other popular apps created using

  • Radio King: A music streaming app that allows users to listen to their favorite online radio stations.
  • Tampa Bay Times: The official app of the Tampa Bay Times newspaper, which provides local news, sports, and weather updates.
  • FanBridge: A social media management tool for musicians and other public figures, which allows them to connect with fans across multiple platforms.
  • DailyMVP: A daily fantasy sports app that allows users to compete in real-time games and win cash prizes.