I’m a Sacramento-based, Senior Software Engineer who cares deeply about improving everyday experiences for real people through thoughtful strategy, design and engineering.

I am a committed and passionate software developer with experience in multiple programming languages and environments. I enjoy tearing apart technical debt, building fast realtime applications, understanding legacy code and specifications, managing giant hordes of servers and helping other people.

I am extremely friendly and can get along with any passionate team.

When I'm not coding you can find me:

💻 Exploring and trying out new digital tools (here are some of my favorites!)

🐈 Entertaining my cat Alfredo

🎥 Filming and editing videos (like this one)

🌮 Enjoying tacos (any recommendations appreciated!)

✨ Visiting Disneyland or California Adventure theme parks


🌿 Gardening

👟 Running

🎮 Video Games

💮 Pin Collecting

🎥 Videography

👨‍💻 Game Dev

⌨ Keyboards

🎢 Theme Parks

Fun Facts / Ask Me About

👨‍💻 Released his first app to the Apple Appstore at age 12 (Nov 15, 2010)

🐈 Cat named Alfredo Giovanni

🐙 Bitten by baby octopus found at the beach

🎗 Reached the top 500 support role in Competitive Overwatch

🍞 Eats Gluten Free

📱Attended WWDC22 at Apple Park

🎢 Theme-Park Enthusiast

⚡️ Stung by a Cow Killer which is rated 3 (out of a possible 4) on the Schmidt Pain Index

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