I'm a software engineer based in Sacramento with 12 years of experience in software engineering.

🎥 Production / Pro AV

Dante Certification Levels 1, 2 & 3

Audinate, Portland, Oregon – (2022 – 2027)

The Dante Certification program provides an easy way for system designers, engineers and others in the industry to learn about Dante with in-depth training and promote their expertise. The certification program demonstrates your Dante proficiency to potential employers and clients. The certification program currently has three levels and one elective dedicated to Dante AV.

Elective: Category Cable

This elective class provides a comprehensive understanding of Category Cables, essential for networking. Explore the composition, markings, installation techniques, and terminations of these cables, and demonstrate proficiency in their creation and testing through practical exercises and an assessment.

Elective: Dante AV (2nd Edition)

This elective class focuses on the Dante AV platform, offering a comprehensive understanding of its features and operations, along with insights into designing, deploying, and operating Dante AV systems.

👨‍💻 Software Engineering

Apple Developer Program

Apple Inc., Cupertino, California – (2010 – 2023)

The Apple Developer Program includes all the tools, resources, and support needed to create and deliver software to over a billion customers around the world on Apple platforms.

Apple Developer Enterprise Program

Apple Inc., Cupertino, California – (2012 – 2015)

The Apple Developer Enterprise Program allows large organizations to develop and deploy proprietary, internal-use apps to their employees. This program is for specific use cases that require private distribution directly to employees using secure internal systems or through a Mobile Device Management solution.

Associate Android Developer Certification

Google Inc., Mountain View, California – (2012 – 2017)

The Associate Android Developer Exam tests for skills that an entry-level Android developer should have as they begin their career.

Associate Administrator Certification

Boomi, LP, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania – (2023 – 2027)

The Boomi Associate Administrator Certification assesses an individual's proficiency in managing Boomi's integration platform. The exam covers various topics, including platform architecture, deployment models, security, user management, connection management, environment management, and troubleshooting.

Associate Integration Certification

Boomi, LP, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania – (2023 – 2027)

The Boomi Associate Integration Certification is a validation of an individual's expertise in designing and implementing integrations using Boomi's Integration Platform. The certification exam evaluates candidates on various aspects of integration, including ETL processes, XML, JSON, Flat File, and EDI data mapping and transformation, and using Boomi's platform components like connectors and APIs to build integrations.

Associate Event Streams Certification

Boomi, LP, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania – (2023 – 2027)

🪁 Hobbies

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, D.C. – (2016 – 2019)

Certified drone pilot operating under FAA regulation Part 107.