Re-download all un-synced Adobe Fonts (through Creative Cloud)
Re-download all un-synced Adobe Fonts (through Creative Cloud)

Re-download all un-synced Adobe Fonts (through Creative Cloud)

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Adobe moved some functionality of the Font Sync system into Creative Cloud Desktop App (on a per-device basis) which means this "fix" may no longer work- depending on your CC version.

Adobe Fonts (previously Typekit) decides to un-sync fonts that haven't been opened in an Adobe app recently... this is really detrimental when you have a production machine that relies on any CC font– but never "opens" them in or through the CreativeCloud app. (For example, you may have a native app that maintains references to the local fonts, but doesn’t register that through Creative Cloud. This causes it to un-sync the fonts, then re-download them using a different DRM ID breaking ALL existing documents that referenced that font).

To force re-downloading of Creative Cloud fonts

Scroll all the way to the bottom to load all fonts.

Paste this script in the Developer’s Console console:

Since this article was written Adobe has implemented rate-limiting on this endpoint. 👀 You may need to calculate the rate limiting and then timeout the script by that amount.
var cloudDownloadIcons = document.querySelectorAll('.adobe-fonts-my-fonts__font_management-container__download-cloud-icon'); 

for (i = 0; i < cloudDownloadIcons.length; ++i) {
	// have to use angular's triggerHandler to click the elements as the function is contained in an NG-Click scope

Wait for a couple seconds.

Confirm all cloud download icons are gone.

Fonts should start downloading through the CreativeCloud app on your Desktop machine.